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It isn’t often that a new type of game is created and released. Instead, Zoe was a normal girl, seemingly chosen at random from among the Rakkor.

Full of teenage curiosity, she wondered what she had missed while she was away. We believe these games will help us figure out who will join us on this project, and it will also allow us to see the teamwork, mechanics and decision making of each team in order to make sure we have the best possible experience.

The only certainty is that Runeterra is on the brink of a profound transformation—one that may come at the cost of chaos, destruction, and blood.

More friends for her to meet! Intrigued, Zoe traveled to the stars, where she found the great cosmic dragon, Aurelion Sol. She didn’t win a great victory against overwhelming odds, or sacrifice herself for a noble ideal, or overcome the existential trial of climbing Mount Targon.

Fortunately, she could traverse the streams of time with only a thought. Instead, she journeyed to dimensions of reality at the very edge of mortal comprehension, playing with powers seen by few before or since. Although he clearly despised her, as he did all of her kind, Zoe always returned to the dragon’s side, trying to discover what aggrieved him.

One thing in particular became clear to Zoe—she was not alone.

Walking the mortal world were other Aspects, in fact more than ever before.

Our work isn’t done yet, but we are nearly there. To find out more, check out our news article. In other words, we aren’t necessarily building a game, but rather we will be building a game.

She didn’t trouble herself with rules at all.

We may not know which other game we’ll be playing until very close to the game’s launch. Yet Zoe did not trouble herself with why the rules that govern Aspects had been changed just for her.

It knew/felt/saw on some level that it needed to change, because the world was changing and what it represented was changing. But they brushed her aside time and again, seeming rather preoccupied with whatever it was they were doing in the spaces between realms.

Among the events she witnessed were the rise and fall of "the big armored meanie," Mordekaiser; the destruction of the Blessed Isles in the "Spooky Ghost Party"; the cataclysms of the "War for Sparkly Rocks"; and the founding of a dour new nation near the "No Fun Forest." While for Zoe barely a year had passed, she returned home after what had apparently been many centuries in Runeterra.

The Aspect of Twilight chose Zoe when looking for its next vessel because she was so naturally going to be and act like it needed to.

During her champion sneak peek video, AstroNautilus AstroNautilus and Astronaut Teemo Astronaut Teemo make cameos:
AstroNautilus AstroNautilus appears when Zoe is showing some of her dance moves.
Astronaut Teemo Astronaut Teemo shows up when Zoe falls through a portal and Cyber Pop Zoe Cyber Pop Zoe comes out of it.

Zoe's Series 1 Eternals make the following references:
Finders Keepers references the idiom finders keepers, losers weepers.
Paddle Ball Champion references the sport of paddle ball and its similarites to Paddle Star Paddle Star.

For our first game, we wanted to take a risk and try something new.

We’ve tried to make the game feel as close to CS:GO as possible, while also giving players a different type of experience.

We have come to the point where we are now working on the build of the next game to be released in League of Legends. We will be playing a short game to show off the game before moving on to some other games. From his bombastic and self-aggrandizing diatribes, she gleaned that her fellow Aspects had humiliated him, crowning him with a cursed artifact to siphon away his power.

This transcendence was unique—in fact, it was unheard of in all the myths and legends of Targon. We are looking for the best teams to join us to work on the build, but as a part of this, we will be playing a game with these teams.

but Zoe’s unpredictability gives them pause, as not even she knows what her presence could portend. We’ll announce more games as we get closer to their releases. League of Legends game play has evolved over the years to become one of the most popular games in the world.

We’re calling it "The Build of the Game", which is kind of a play on words. For the scholars and mystics of Mount Targon, the emergence of an Aspect is usually a joyous occasion...

In Ancient Greek, Zoe Ζωή (IPA: [zdɔː.ɛ̌ː] >[zo'i]) means "life", as opposed to "death"; while its cognate βῐ́ο(το)ς bio(to)s means "lifetime" or "the living's world".
Both come from PIE root *gʷeyh₃- "to live".

We are excited about this new format and excited about the project we have ahead of us.

The first game we have been working on for this project is Riot Games’ World Championship game.

Upon jumping out of Portal Jump's Portal Jump's second portal, zoe build calculator licks the ice cream cone, which she attempts to eat during her joke animation (Ctrl+1).
Zoe has multiple walk cycles that change randomly over the course of the game, but players can also toggle the next one using the Toggle key bind (default [Ctrl] + [5]).

As befits her Targonian Aspect’s nature, Zoe did not come to the attention of the celestial realm in any traditional way.